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1. How do I contact you?


Main office 016080090,  016166106,  0871725858

Emergency line outside office hours is +3531 87 328 6117 please note there is a 50 euro charge for the use of this service.

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2. Do I need to reconfirm my flights?

There is no need to reconfirm your flights before departure from the Republic of Ireland though we do recommend that you reconfirm any onward or return flights with the airline you are travelling with locally at least 72 hours prior to departure.

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3. Can I change my ticket to a different flight or date?

Any changes or cancellations are governed by the airline and vary greatly depending on the type of ticket you have purchased.

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4. What information and documents are needed for international travel?

Non-Irish passport holders should consult the Embassy of their destination country regarding any special documentation for the countries they are visiting and/or transitting or for return to the Republic of Ireland.
It is your responsibility to check with the applicable Embassy to see whether the destination(s) that you are visiting requires a visa.
If you fail to do so, you will be solely responsible for any cost, loss or damage which you or we incur as a result of your failure.
Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after your return date of travel.
Ensure that you have received all travel documents, i.e flight tickets or e-ticket information, hotel or car vouchers and your insurance certificate.
Visa requirements vary based on the country you are visiting, purpose of your visit and the length of stay.  You should contact the local Embassy .
For details on immunization you need you should check . It is your responsibility to ensure you have the correct immunizations for the countries you are intending to visit.

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5. What is APIS?

Advance Passenger Information or APIS is passport and associated information, which the governments of various countries require Airlines to collect from passenger's prior to travel.
It is important to note that you can be denied boarding if you have not submitted this information prior to check-in.
What information is required?
Passport Info (country of issue, passport number, date of birth, expiry date etc)
Country of Residence
Full Destination Address (incl Zip code) or Alien Registration / Green Card

APIS Data is currently required for customers travelling to/from or in transit through the following countries:
Antigua & Barbuda, Australia, Barbados, Bermunda, Canada, China (except Hong Kong), Cuba, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, Japan, Korea, Kuwait, Mexico, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, St Kitts and Nevis, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and USA.

There are new destinations being added to this all the time, so make sure to check at the time of booking if APIS is required for your destination or transit point.


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6. What do I need to know about the new entry formality (ESTA) required for the United States from 12 January 2009?

If you are travelling to or via the United States and if you come from a country that is part of the Visa Exemption Programme, from 12 January the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) replaces the form that has until now been completed on the plane.

If you travel to the USA from 12 January 2009, it is essential that you complete the ESTA form  before you travel in order to receive travel authorization. The form must be filled out at the latest 72 hours prior to departure, but it is recommended that you complete it as soon as you plan your journey.

This procedure applies to adults and children (whatever their age). The information requested includes passport number and country of residence.
In most cases, electronic travel authorization is granted online almost immediately by specifying authorization approved. It is valid for a period of two years or until expiry of the passport.

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7. Can I reserve a particular seat?

For low cost carrier bookings we are unable to make seating requests as generally low cost carriers do not pre-assign seating.  For Scheduled Airline bookings you can request an aisle or window seat at the time you make your reservation. 
If you need to make a seat assignment after you have completed your online booking please select flight changes on our website and complete the form. There will be a charge of 15euros for this service.

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8. How can I book a specific meal?

For Scheduled Airline bookings you can request a specific meal at the time you make your reservation. 
If you need to request a meal after you have completed your online booking please select flight changes on our website and complete the form. There will be a charge of 15euros for this service.

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9. How early do I need to check-in for my flight?

How early you need to check-in varies by airline, departure airport and destination. However, the following are general guidelines if you're checking-in baggage:
International Flights: check-in at least 3 hours before departure
European Flights: check-in at least 2 hours before departure
Domestic Flights (i.e. flights within the same country): check-in at least 90 minutes before departure

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10. What should I know about checking baggage?


Details of checked baggage allowance specific to your itinerary will be shown on your ticket. If you exceed the permitted baggage allowance airlines will make additional charge. This varies by airline and can be a significant amount for example USA would be more relevant - 120 pounds for an extra bag to Australia or 25 pounds per extra kg. 

The standard Baggage Allowance is 1 piece of luggage of 20 kilos per person for Economy Class Travel. Ryanair & Aer Lingus allow 15 kilos per person for which they charge. 

This is a guideline only, please check your E Ticket for full information on your Baggage Allowance.






Below is a general guideline of the baggage allowance permitted to the following destinations. 


Check your ticket for exact allowance 



Ryanair /Aer Lingus       15 Kilos for 1st checked in Bag ( at a cost) 


Australia / New Zealand Baggage allowance 20 Kilos 


Asia                           Baggage allowance 20 Kilos 


USA                           1 Piece - 23 Kilos ** A second bag is allowed on Delta / Continental Airlines for USD50 


Africa                         Baggage allowance 20 kilos **To Lagos Air France, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and Lufthansa allow 2 bags at 23 Kilos per bag 


South America             Baggage allowance 1 Piece - 23 Kilos **British Airways, TAM, Lufthansa, Swissair, Iberia, allow 2 pieces -23 Kilos per bag

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11. What items are you restricted to carry in your hand luggage?

Please check for the latest information regarding the carriage of liquids and other restricted items in your carry on luggage.

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12. Must the name on my ticket and passport match?

Yes - it is very important that the name on your ticket matches the name on your passport exactly. Any amendments after booking will incur change fees and may also necessitate having to cancel and rebook at significant expense. We would therefore strongly advise taking the utmost care when making your booking and verifying again as soon as you receive your documentation.
If for any reason the name on your ticket is not identical to that in your passport  for example use of a nickname or incorrect initials please select Flight Changes on our website and add details in comments box. There will be a charge of 75 euros for this service in addition to any fee the airline may impose.

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13. In what time zone are the times listed on my itinerary?

All departure and arrival times on your itinerary are in the local time zone of the particular departing airport and arriving airport.

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14. Why should I purchase Travel Insurance?

It is essential to be insured when travelling. Medical and liability costs can run to the tens of thousands of euro. Cancelling your holiday could mean losing some or all of the money you have paid. Having access to a 24 hour Assistance Service means help is always at the end of a telephone. Having travel insurance gives you peace-of-mind when travelling, allowing you to enjoy your holiday

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15. What are pre-existing medical conditions?

15. What are pre-existing medical conditions?

Our insurance does not cover claims that arise from the following circumstances below. These conditions apply to you, or anyone upon whose ill health would force you to cancel or cut short your trip.

Any person who is travelling with a pre-existing medical condition or has taken prescribed medication within the last 2 years must contact the Medical Screening number on 0818 286 274 to declare their condition otherwise there is no cover for that pre-existing medical condition. There is no cover available for persons travelling or a third party relative with a terminal prognosis or those awaiting results of tests or medical investigations. There is no cover for medical expenses if the insured is travelling with the intention of obtaining medical treatment abroad, if the insured has been advised not to travel and if the insured is not taking recommended treatment or prescribed medication, as directed by a medical practitioner.

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16. What does 7-day money-back guarantee mean for my Insurance purchase?

If cover of the policy you have purchased is not suitable for you and you want to cancel your policy, you must contact Club Travel online by selcting flight changes&nbspand request a refund in the comments box within 7 days of purchasing your policy. In line with the conditions of your policy we will refund the premium you have paid. We will not refund your premium if you have travelled or made a claim before you asked to cancel the policy within the 7day period.

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17. Frequent Flyers

If you have frequent flyer membership please contact us and we will add the details to you booking. We are unable to exchange frequent flyer points / miles for new flights. Also please be advised that not all flights are eligible to accumulate frequent flyer points.


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18. Special Assistance

Pregnancy - If you are pregnant please check with your GP that it is safe for you to travel. If you are more than 28 weeks pregnant at the time you wish to travel, airlines will require a medical certificate stating that you are fit to fly. If you are more than 34 week pregnant you may not be allowed to fly.

Wheelchair users - Please let us know before you book if you require any assistance or if you are a wheelchair user. Most airlines offer services to wheelchair passengers but you must contact us prior to making your reservation and notify us of your requirements.

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